Our Suppliers

Besides our own «HUNTER ” manufactured and imported lines, we offer a wide variety of products from many prestigious internationally known brands.  The logos you see represent some of the most important companies we do business with. By clicking on the Brand logos, you will link to each company’s Website and see what a wide choice of products they offer. 

Although we try and carry a complete line of products from each of these companies it can happen that you are interested by a product that we do not carry in our regular stock. Please let us know and we will be glad to order it especially for you when we place our next regular order  with this supplier.

Please note, however, that a deposit is required for special orders and that the quantity has to meet the company’s required minimum. Since minimum quantity and shipping delay vary from one company to the other, this information will be given to you when your order is confirmed.

The company of animals
Air Force
Prevue pet products
HS Sprenger