Helps protect pets from themselves while their injuries heal with this lightweight and tough item.

*The patented padding of both inner and outer edges creates a product that is much more comfortable for the animal to wear at a time when he is stressed.
*Simple to fit and easily adjustable, it does not need to be attached to a collar.
*Translucent, lightweight and available in colors pink or blue, this item is too stylish to be considered a ''cone of shame''.

*Several sizes are available:
#0 5.5 to 8'' (Cats, Chihuahua)
#1 8 to 9'' (Corgi, Whippet)
#2: 9 to 12'' (Scottish Terrier, small Poodle)
#3 12 to 14'' (Golden Retriever, Afghan Hound)
#4 14 to 21'' (Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff)
#5: 21-25'' (St Bernard, Great Dane)

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