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The most powerful dual motor dryer: Superior wind speed and blow force

*Incredible blow force
*Carbon brush of 38mm, 1,5inch
*30% Longer lifespan over previous models
*Includes a 10ft. hose to walk around the grooming table
*Variable heat and power control
*Includes 3 nozzles: 1 round, 1 flat narrow and 1 flat wide
*Maximum power: 2400 Watts
*Maximum speed: 95m/s
*Blow force: 955G
*Highest temperature: 65 degrees Celsius
*Noise: 85dbA
*Gross weight:6,4 kgs
*Dimension: 48,5x16x21cm --- 19,1x6,3x8,3 inches
*Packing measurement: 60x30x24 cm
*Use our Wall mount to keep it off the floor, sold separately, ref: #35542

SKU: 35535