This plastic, electric bath is very practical and efficient. Adjustable, it prevents back pain and makes grooming easier for the user. Comes in GREY and in PURPLE.

*Dimensions: 58 1/2" wide, 31" deep and adjusts from 33" to 44" from the floor.
*The door slides from side to side, from left to right and the bathtub adjusts in height to facilitate access for all dogs and the comfort of the user.
*Equipped with a crossbar to which the animal can be attached for its protection.
*Used with the complete grid in its highest position, it can take a weight of 100lbs...
*It has a capacity limit of 200lbs without the grid.
*Easy maintenance, daily cleaning with a little dishwashing detergent to remove stains, a good rinse and wipe will make it shine again.

SKU: 34503