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A slip noose cable attached to a sturdy pole for animal handling professionals to safely retract, restrain and control animals by tightening over an animal's head and neck.Using a grasper has proved to be the most positive and effective way to catch a stray dog, to rescue a dog which is trapped and distressed or to deal safely and humanely with a dog which is hostile.

In these and other situations the animal can be seized and restrained from a safe distance. Having placed the loop around the dog's neck, the operator can pull the cable to tighten the grasper; it will then instantly lock in the required position. If a larger loop is required, pull the metal knob on the end of the grasper and feed more cable through. The dog may then be held securely until transferred into a van or kennel when the quick release mechanism can be operated by pulling the ring instantly releasing the animal into a safe environment.

Available in four lengths 24,36,48 and 60 inches ...61,91,122 and 152cm.
Instant release

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