This stainless steel bath with faucets makes grooming easy.

*Dimensions: 57.75" Hx50" Let 27.5" W.
*The bottom of the bath is 17" but the use of the grid raises it to 24.5", a more practical height for small dogs.
*Sliding door and retractable steps provide easy access for all dogs. I
*It can accommodate a weight of 100lb when used with the bottom grid in its highest position.
*Without using the grid, up to 200lbs.
*Equipped with a cross bar to which the animal can be attached for protection.
*It is of a comfortable height for the user, which helps to prevent back pain.
*It is made of the same type of stainless steel as sinks and other household appliances.

Note Although easy to care for, it is recommended to clean daily with a soft for stainless steel product that will not harm the skin. Rinse, apply disinfectant if desired. Rinse again to remove any residue.

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