This Plastic Bathtub is very practical and makes grooming much easier. Comes in GREY and in PURPLE.

*Dimension: 59"x32"24"
*It comes with drain and Holding Bars and loops
*Rubber coated Puppy Shells cover half of the bath
*It can accommodate dogs up to 45 lbs.
*The paw texture on the bottom makes the bath-tub skid proof.
*Height adjustment of up to 2 inches from the floor by using the plastic screws on its foot
*Easy to clean, a regular daily cleaning with a bit of dishwashing liquid to make stains go away, a good rinsing followed by a mild disinfectant, rinsing and drying will make it shine again.

Available separately:
*Backsplash (Hunter # 34517)
*Faucets (Hunter # 35637 if used with backsplash)
*Faucets for wall installation (Hunter #35638)

SKU: 34506