The kennel which you have just chosen will give your pet the security he needs while you are away from home and provide him with a place of its own to retreat to once in a while when he wants quietness away from the too busy household. .This foldable two-door cage is made with extra-strong steel, sturdy 3 to 5 mm wire with a 28mm spacing between each wire. The epoxy paint features a hammertone finish for a great look and easy maintenance. Doors are located on the front and the side allowing easy access and control of the animal and the most convenient positioning of the cage in the house or in the car..A plastic pan is included. and we recommend that you buy an extra pan to make instant cleaning of the kennel easier. It is also suitable for the use of a grill floor which is sold separately. It makes the use of the cage more convenient for your pet and faciliate the maintenance of the cage. Easily folded, it is very convenient .Comes in 19,25,31,36,43 and 49" wide sizes, all with a guide sheet for use and do's and don'ts tips so that your pet will be thoroughly happy in his house.

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  • 19x13x16"
  • 25x17x20"