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HUNTER WHITE RAWHIDE, Flip chips, 1 kilo

Canines have a natural tendency for chewing. To make sure that this natural activity provides goods results, Hunter's white rawhide products offer an exceptionally high quality. The use of rawhide as a treat will help clean teeth, freshen breath and keep jaws strong .According to experts, Rawhide is not a food, but a safe chewable toy that can be, and most often is, consumed. It is 80-85% protein, 10-12% fiber and moisture, and 1-2% fat. High in protein, low in fat and fewer calories per ounce than a typical dog biscuit. One or two hours of daily chewing is sufficient. The skin wrap packaging serves as protection from dust and salmonella and sanitary condiderations ensure the product does not get soiled during transport and handling. This package contains a kilo ofwhite flip chips. The product can be purchased by the bag or by the case.

SKU: 47175