The use of the best materials, the processing carried out in the traditions of craftsmanship, complemented by the use of state-of-the-art processing technologies, all this forms the basis for the unique quality of each pair of scissors. Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, from the highest quality stainless steel.

The most popular size, suitable for grooming a variety of breeds

*Excellent value for money, ideal for grooming salons.
*Designed for delicate areas to protect against accidental injury: pads, groin and around the eyes
*Professional for a perfect and durable cut
*This model has a satin finish
*Micro-serrated for greater versatility, elasticity and durability.
*Well-balanced scissors designed to grip and hold hair while trimming.
*Included finger rest with rings ensures comfort.

? satin
? single micro serration
? single polished edge
? adjustable screw
? fingerrest and fingerrings assembled
? package: Witte Box

The most popular size, suitable for trimming a variety of breeds

* Fingerrest and fingerrings assembled, insure comfort.
* Adjustable screw for perfect cut

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