A safe way to catch small to medium sized dogs and wildlife, the fabric net is attached to a closure mechanism and a fixed pole. This net is strong, lightweight and easy to manipulate. The opening is
controlled by a simple mechanism which holds in the kite shape until the moment of capture when it
cn be closed quickly by drawing back the operating sleeve and collapsing the steel former.

*The kite shape was chosen to facilitate working the net into corners.
*Tangle free netting
*Closure mechanism
*Easy store
*The fabric net and its operating mechanism are carried on a 1220mm (48in) stainless steel handle
*all metal parts are bright zinc plated
*The net is fine honeycomb mesh and does not stretch, animals don?t become entangled and it can be replaced quite easily.
*When not in use the catch net is easily stowed in a vehicle, clinic or ward.
*Weight 1.85kg (approx.)

SKU: 70002