This Pro Nourish Hydro Surge Shampoo line is specially formulated to moisturize, revitalize,
soften and detangle while leaving the coat soft and shiny with no dirt attracting residues.
It provides the 6 esssential functions of comprehensive skin and coat care:
PH Balance, Enriched nutrients, Clean rinsing formula, Enhanced coat protection, Skin and
Coat Moisturizer, Gentle effective clean sing

*Odor demoving Citrus mint shampoo formula removes tough odors, including skunk
*Cleans, revitalizes and untangles the coat in one easy step,
*Eliminates dirt and residues
*Conditions the coat, ameliorates its flexibility
*Makes brushing easier and gives long term shining hair

If used with Hydro Surge machine, no need to dilute
If hand bathing, it will make the rinsing easier

SKU: 30629